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About Ebenezer United Church

Greetings and Welcome to Ebenezer United Church,

We are a congregation of the United Church of Canada that began as a union of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational denominations. We sit right between Toronto and Markham, in Ontario, Canada.

Reflecting the community around us, people in our church are from all parts of the world, with varied experiences and talents. What brings all of us together is our faith. What keeps the people in the church is the care we show one another as a part of God's great family. More importantly, there is a spiritual longing that has brought us together, but the ability to drink deep from the wellspring of life keeps us together. This experience makes the gathering sacred. Through our heartfelt prayers, Scripture, music, worship and outreach we seek to deepen our spirituality and live out our faith. We have lots of fun too.

No matter what your faith background, or where you are from, you are welcome at Ebenezer United Church. Come join us and let us learn, explore our faith, and nurture one another in Spirit.


(Rev.) Won Hur


Mission Statement

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we celebrate God's presence through worship, seeking justice, and serving our community with compassion.


Our Discipleship Guidelines

At Ebenezer United, we are committed to being a vibrant and relevant church.  We want to share, with more people, the joy that comes from knowing God and so we are embarking on a journey of Renewal.

Congregation members have helped to come up with ten discipleship guidelines that will help us to grow into God’s ways.  These are not like rules we must obey, but rather stepping stones to help us become closer to God and to God’s vision of a humble, just and kind world.

There will be some things in the guidelines that will resonate with us but there are some that will challenge us.  Truly, these guidelines have not been engraved in stone on Mount Sinai; we will continue to examine them, test them, and rewrite them so that they will become a sacred document of our faith for the people at Ebenezer.  Let us rejoice and celebrate our faith by wrestling with the guidelines while in pilgrimage to God.

As a member of Ebenezer United Church and with God as my helper, I will:

  1. Engage in a worship service every week
  2. Participate in other worship and spiritual opportunities
  3. Offer my time, talents and support to the life of the church
  4. Pray every day
  5. Grow spiritually through studying the Bible, meditating and reading inspirational works
  6. Rejoice in God’s creation, be aware of the needs of others and live responsibly
  7. Support the church’s outreach, work for justice and develop a deep understanding of underlying issues
  8. Give generously and act compassionately
  9. Share my faith and love of God in word and deed
  10. Develop respectful relationships with people of other faiths



 On October 27, 2015, in compliance with Bill 168, and directives from 
the United Church of Canada, the Board of Ebenezer United Church 
officially adopted the policy and procedures documents on Harassment and 
Violence in the workplace.